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"Hard-hitting lyrics wrapped in vibrant Celtic-infused tunes. A shining star that deserves to be heard by the masses" Click Roll Boom

"An anthem for the little people, the kind of music that has the true potential to reach the hearts of many around the country" Post Punk Press

"Packs a punch right from the off. A Welsh take on angry working class politics, drinking beer, and bouncing about to folksy fun" Lights Go Out


Here's the major No Murder No Moustache releases. Check out all the usual platforms for some random singles and covers.

Two For The Road

Release date: Oct 20th 2023

"Two For The Road" is an Autumn party two-track single release featuring two songs about drinking (too much) beer and having fun with all the celtic bits too.

There's not much else to say, this is the fun side of No Murder No Moustache - an artist who definitely cannot drink six pints of Guinness in the space of a couple of hours, definitely shouldn't try, and probably can't afford to at today's prices either.


  1. Six Pints Of Guinness
  2. When I Was 17 (The Simpsons)
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There's A War Going On For Your Mind

Release date: May 26th 2023

The brand new full length album.

Featuring 11 main tracks and 3 bonus tracks, NMNM continues his internal struggle to create a mixture of the serious and ridiculous.

Inspired by the past and the present these are songs about injustice, hope, and personal reflection (and drinking beer of course) through a predominantly Welsh lens


  1. There's A War Going On For Your Mind
  2. My Friends who moved away
  3. Rebellion
  4. 9:13
  5. I Don’t Give A Shit
  6. The Worst BJ Ever
  7. A Trace Of Blood And Tears
  8. Take Me Back To The '90s
  9. Llygaid Du
  10. Times Got Tough
  11. This Journey Is Not Over
  12. Llygaid Du (Power Metal Version) - bonus track
  13. Buzz (Woodsman Cover) - bonus track
  14. Blackened Eyes (English Version) - bonus track
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Throw Your F*cking Flags In The Bin

Release date: Jun 3rd 2022

A very special single released to celibrate the jubilee...


  1. Throw Your F*cking Flags In The Bin
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Murder At The Bingo Hall

Release date: Jan 7th 2022

Murder At The Bingo Hall / The Ballad Of Red Flag Randy is a 2-track containing an Amigo The Devil cover and an original country punk song that is now beloved part of the No Murder No Moustache live set.


  1. Murder At The Bingo Hall (Amigo The Devil)
  2. The Ballad Of Red Flag Randy
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The Odds Are Stacked Against

Release date: Jul 30th 2021

The second EP, featuring 7 tracks written in 2020 + 2021. Usual anti-establishment themes apply :) - Get it now


  1. The Odds Are Stacked Against
  2. Sing! Fight! Run! Survive!
  3. Since The War Started
  4. A Million Whispers
  5. Let The Anger Into Your Heart
  6. Sut Tyfodd Y Gath Mor Dew? - (How Did The Cat Grow So Fat?)
  7. Feels Like Home
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The Post-Brexit Xmas Party

Release date: Dec 1st 2020

The Post-Brexit Xmas Party is a festive bilingual 2-track mixing folk punk and classic christmas song styles, and oozes diy xmas no 1 potential from all sides (if it were not for the lack of sausage roll based rhymes). We've also done some fancy anti-brexit xmas cards to go along with it.


  1. The Post-Brexit Xmas Party
  2. Teimlad Nadolig
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Creepy Whisper

Release date: Oct 31st 2020

Creepy Whisper is a spooky 2-track folk punk / murder folk fusion, inspired by the advertising industry, a dismembered gingerbread man, and a certain album cover from the 80's.


  1. [Serial] Killer Product Placements
  2. The Gingerbread Man

Hold My Beer

Release date: Jun 26th 2020

Hold My Beer is No Murder No Moustache's debut EP. The original NMNM experience. 


  1. Hold My Beer
  2. Fragile Society
  3. Lose Myself To The Dark
  4. Only Lies So Far
  5. Cyn Mae'r Byd Yn Cael Ei Ddinistrio
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Two Pints Of Guinness



The Odds Are Stacked Against

Hold My Beer

[Serial] Killer Product Placements

The Post-Brexit XMAS Party

Showertime In The Slammer

Blood Brothers


Sometimes you just want to stand on a stage and play songs about how fucked up everything is.

No Murder No Moustache fuses anti-establishment punk rock with celtic acoustic sounds. You can expect bilingual songs about bad governments, anti-facism, coming together to fight injustice, mental health struggles, people who died too young, and retrospective terrible life decisions. This is mixed with songs about video games, being intimated by teenagers at the skate park, drinking beer, and trying not to be a poser.

No Murder No Moustache is Owen Crawford, who has attempted to balance being in bands with real life for the last 18 years. Owen has played in Metal, Punk, and Rock bands based around South Wales, depped for other bands, touring the UK and parts of Europe.

On record, No Murder No Moustache uses a plethora of instruments and guest backing vocalists.

At live shows No Murder No Moustache ranges from lone acoustic guitar and vocal, to multi-sample triggering building up a sonic experience that goes beyond an angry man with a guitar, whilst maintaining the raw authenticity and emotion that is apparent in each song.
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